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Jiaxing Jicheng Machinery Co., Ltd is established in 2000, and located in Jiaxing city of Zhejiang. Nearby Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo and other cities.The company is a professional production of oxygen-free copper rod continuous casting machine , metal rolling machine,copper wire drawing machine and other equipment high-tech manufacture company. That own independent reach and development,production and sales its establishment,the company has been awarded many honorary titles, such as Jiaxing Technical Private Company, Zhejiang Small and Medium sized technical company and National High-tech enterprises.Our product not only have good reputation and sales well at home, but also be exported to more than 40 countries and regions, such as Russia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, North Korea, Egypt, Iran…

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The main products are oxygen-free copper rod casting machine, metal roll mill, copper rod breakdown machine and casting and processing equipment of copper, aluminum and other metal.
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Our products widely used in wire cable, fire-proof cable, high-speed railway cable, the processing Tungsten-molybdenum alloy and Al-Mg alloy and other field.
30 Oct 2018
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German Exhibition
【At the exhibition, the company's exhibitors warmly welcome visitors from all over the world.】2018 Dusseldorf tube and wire Exhibition Communicating and negotiating with customers from home and abroad, and Carefully answer all kinds of questions.
30 Oct 2018
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another copper upcasting machine delivered
Our another 8mm 10000 tons copper upwardcasting machine have delivered.It’s scorching hot today.But westill keep working.
30 Oct 2018
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Tel: +86-573-83679836
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